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Hear every word loud and clear when you use an amplified telephone from Amplicom USA. Formed in 2010 Amplicom USA harnesses modern technology, together with superior functionality and design as the driving forces behind the brand. Amplicom USA products are tailored to the needs of the hard of hearing and the aging population in general. Since more than 30 million people in the United States have some degree of hearing loss, Amplicom USA, headquartered in Long Island, New York, was created to meet the needs of this customer group.

Our corded and DECT 6.0 amplified cordless telephones provide a louder and clearer listening experience, larger buttons and displays, and provide options for emergency situations such as the DECT 6.0 wrist shaking PowerTel 601. Given the ability to program multiple hearing profiles within one telephone separates the Amplicom PowerTel Series from its competition. Clocks offer the unique wireless notification of alarms and telephone ringing.

Amplicom USA has all of the elements of the supply chain at its disposal. From the development center and manufacturing facilities, to the marketing and sales team, Amplicom USA successfully coordinates all business processes. The logistics and service center is strategically based in Nashville, Tennessee and additional warehousing in St. Louis, Missouri provides distributors with timely shipments throughout the country. Situated in the Central Standard Time Zone, it affords customers on both coasts ideal telephone access to service representatives for all questions and concerns regarding our amplified telephones and other products.

Given the current environmental landscape, Amplicom USA understands that being “green” is more than just a fad, it is our necessary future. Outside of complying with mandatory European RoHS directives, all products utilize energy efficient power adapters that require less energy consumption to power our products. Additionally, all of the cordless handsets for our amplified cordless telephones have ECOmode, which reduces the radiation considerably, when compared to standard cordless DECT telephones.

Outstanding customer service, the latest technology and a dedication to excellence make Amplicom the leader in amplified telephones. So choose the best, and hear every conversation loud and clear!