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Featured as the Pick of the Week for this travel blog is the Amplicom TCL Vibe.

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An excellent and accurate review of the new TCL VIBE from this Florida blogger who has a family friendly website that features parenting, entertainment, electronics, giveaways, family help, recipes, DIY, pets, travel and more!

A great review of the new TCL VIBE travel alarm clock from this blogger from New Jersey

A nice review about the PowerTel 785, who is known for her unbiased and helpful reviews.

This review by a blogger out of Kentucky, gives a good in depth look at the PowerTel 785.

This blog reviews the new Amplicom PowerTel 7 Series, specifically the PowerTel 785.

Syndicated consumer electronics columnist David Novak reviews the TCL 200 for his blog, The Gadget Guy.

This blog gives a very thorough review of the TCL 200 Alarm Clock.

This Blog which is full of tips and trends for every day life, reviews the TCL 100 Alarm Clock.

Blog from a Seattle-Area Mom who’s daughter has some hearing loss. In this review she covers the TCL 200 Alarm Clock

This blog reviews products and travel, local events and entertainment, plus home remodeling from local Akron Ohio Moms. Lead Blogger Cindy Orley reviews the Amplicom TCL 200 Alarm Clock in depth by having her father who lost his hearing from a virus some years ago, do the testing.

In the blog which gives reviews of good bits of info about, by and for baby boomers, the PowerTel 580, TCL Alarm Clocks and the NL 100 are highlighted.

This entertainment publication reviews the Amplicom TCL 200. Known for publishing celebrity interviews, travel stories, movie and product reviews, has been on the Internet since 1995.

The Amplicom TCL 200 is reviewed on this blog out of Ohio. Tested by the bloggers father who lost a majority of his hearing due to his time in the military.