At Amplicom USA, we listened to the 30 million-plus Americans with hearing loss, and created the most advanced and user-friendly amplified phones on the market. Get ready for a listening experience second to none.

Born from German engineering, Amplicom USA manufactures the highest quality amplified telecommunications products in a wide variety of styles and capabilities that are specifically made to make every conversation heard loud and clear. Whether you are looking for a corded amplified telephone or an amplified cordless telephone, we have a large selection to choose from. And we are more than just telephones. Our specialized alarm clocks with wireless bed shakers will wake even the deepest sleepers.

At Amplicom USA, our amplified telephones are produced to meet and surpass the TIA-1083 standard for hearing aid compatibility. This preferred specification was developed by the Telecommunication Industry Association with input from the Hearing Loss Association of America, to have reduced noise and interference on landline phones when used with T-Coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants. In addition to superior hearing compatibility, Amplicom USA amplified telephones provide a significant reduction of distortion compared to other amplified telephones.

Leading by example, Amplicom USA is the first company in the amplified telecommunications industry to offer standard TWO (2) year warranties on all devices. We stand behind our products; we don’t run away from them. Amplicom products are sold in the United States through its network of specialty dealers, catalog companies ad audiology distributors. Just pick up one of our phones and you will hear the difference, Loud and Clear!